How to Reset Canon IP1880 and Canon IP1980 Printers 2023


How to Reset Canon IP1880 and Canon IP1980 Printers – Canon IP 1880 and IP 1980 series printers sometimes experience an error with the “ Absorber Is Full” notification.

How to Reset Canon IP1880 and Canon IP1980 Printers Directly Practice Try it
How to Reset Canon IP1880 and Canon IP1980 Printers Directly Practice Try it

Best to Reset Canon IP1880 and Canon IP1980 Printers Directly Practice Try it 2023

The “Absorber is full” error notification is caused because the printer has reached the maximum limit on the number of paper printing. This causes the printer to no longer is used for printing.

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If you are experiencing a situation like this, then your printer must be reset first. So that the printer becomes normal again. To reset it you can do it yourself at home, without having to take it to a printer repairman. But if you have more money and don’t want to be complicated, just use the services of a printer repairman.

But strongly recommends fixing it yourself, in addition to saving costs, you can also anticipate, when this error suddenly occurs again at a different time. Let’s see how to reset the Canon IP1880 Printer below.

How to Reset Canon IP1880 and Canon IP1980 Printers Directly Practice Try it
Reset Printer Canon IP1880 and Canon IP1980

Characteristics of Canon Printers that Must be Reset

Before resetting a canon printer, you must first know what indications make the printer have to be reset. The Canon printer that must be reset is the printer that has blinked the orange light 7 times. And on the computer screen usually, a notification/warning appears with the words “The ink absorber is full Contact the service center”.

If your printer is like this, it must be reset immediately, in the following way. Edit, before you have to download the Canon IP1880 Printer Resetter application (the name is General Tool). You can use the Google search engine to download it.

How to Reset Printer Canon IP1880 or Canon IP1980:

  1. The first step, unplug the printer power cable
  2. Press the printer power button
  3. In the position still pressing the power button, plug in the printer cable. Later the green LED will light up
  4. Furthermore, still in the position of the power button is pressed, then press the resume button. Later the led light turns orange.
  5. Release both buttons at the same time. And the led light will turn off.
  6. Then press the power button again and immediately release it. Then the light will be green. And the printer is now in a Safe ModePrinter state.
  7. Automatically the Canon IP1800 printer will ask to install a new driver. Ignore just click close.
  8. The next step is to run the General Tool.exe software that you downloaded

How to use the General Tool Resetter application for canon ip1880 printers:

  • Select USB Port, click, and an option will appear (eg USB 002). This is the USB in use.
  • Check EEPROM Clear
  • Click Lock Release, then set destination will be active
  • Click iP1880 on the set destination, select the ASA one
  • In the printer, load three sheets of paper. Then click Test Peterrn 1, 2, and 3. Then the printer will print 3 times.
  • On the Clear Waste Ink Counter menu. Click Play, (green light will flash 1 time).
  • Click Plate. (Greenlight will flash 1 time)
  • And Click Quit to exit the program.
  • Then the printer must be turned off, unplug the power cable by pressing the power button then the roll will advance
  • After turning it off then turn on the printer again by pressing the power button.
  • Wait until the printer rolls backward then give the paper again.
  • If successful, your printer will turn on again without blinking the orange light.


So step by step how to reset the Canon iP1880 and Canon iP1980 printers. Hopefully, the printer you have is back to normal again.

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