What is the Number of 1 Online Game in the World


What is the Number 1 Online Game in the World – During a pandemic like this, more and more people are spending their time playing games at home. When bored and can’t go out of the house, playing online games that are booming is a solution to overcome that boredom.

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What is the Number 1 Online Game in the World Best Ways to know 2023

Some people may suddenly become a game pro-player or just a hobby to waste time. Well, for Cuan Buddy, who wants to follow the trail, there’s nothing wrong with you playing the number 1 game in the following world.

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1. World’s Number 1 Game: Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PUBG is still a popular online game in 2021. Released in 2018, PUBG is an online game in the battle royale genre, where 99 people can play simultaneously.

In this game, players can also play solo, duo, and squad (4 people). By inviting friends to join to form a team.

This game is very popular because of the graphics and real situations displayed in it. There are several types of maps with models and graphics that have their own uniqueness.

Then, each player has a mission to complete. Map design that allows multiple enemies to hide in the bushes. The players will win the game if they survive the situation and kill all the enemies on the map.

2. Number 1 Game in the World: Fortnite Battle Royale

This game has been included in the list of the world’s most popular online games since 2017. Even now, this game still attracts a large number of players as many as 39 million people, because it has quite a dramatic effect.

It’s just that its popularity is not too taken into account because Fortnite is more dominantly popular among boys. Meanwhile, PUBG has managed to attract the attention of both boys and girls.

3. Apex Legends

Apex Legends has been booming since its release in 2019. Because this game can be the answer for those who like the war genre but are not fans of PUBG or Fortnite.

Set on an island, the game is played in teams of six players, but there will only be three players left on the island. This squad has a mission to spend resources and weapons to fight against other squads. The remaining squad with more players will win this game.

This game is also the most popular as the best superhero-themed video game in 2021. No wonder, if they have the status as one of the number 1 games in the world.

4. League of Legends (LOL)

The gamer must have been familiar with the name of this game though has been released since 2009. In this game, all players have control to choose their champion who can compete with other champions.

This RPG-themed multiplayer action game is known for its stunning and awesome graphics with lots of fun at every level.

5. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Timeless, Counter-Strike is a game with the best FPS (frame rate mode) mode. This game developed by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path has managed to become the most loved e-sport game since 1999.

These two companies are constantly improving the game modes to make them interesting and challenging to play. In 2014, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was first released as an online game and managed to collect a total of 37 million players.

6. Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a digital card game genre game released in 2014 by Blizzard Entertainment. After that, this game immediately became the belle of card game genre lovers.

Currently, the game already has a mobile platform version and carries cross-platform features, thus making players more and more playing Hearthstone games.

Esports tournaments are also regularly held every year with the biggest tournament being the Hearthstone World Champions which competes for a total prize of US $ 1 million or around Rp. 14 billion.

7. Minecraft

This game is also fairly popular even though it was released 10 years ago. In this game, players must survive and build their campus and have full authority to take over buildings, animals, people, and food.

It is a 3D sandbox game without many limitations and allows users to do whatever they want. Some of the modes are survival mode, adventure mode, creative mode, and spectator mode.

8. DOTA 2

DOTA 2 is a game developed by Valve and officially released in 2013.

The MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre game is the latest series of the Dota Allstar game. The Dota game is also one of the pioneer games in the growth of the world esports industry in the 2000s.

DOTA 2 players are known as active gamers who like to participate in tournaments in various parts of the world. The valve itself regularly holds world-class DOTA 2 tournaments every year.

9. The Division 2

Division 2 is a third-person shooter genre game. In its latest version, The Division 2 presents a new, more practical gear system, easier status customization, and improved other content. Since it was last released in 2019, this game has sold 63,817 consoles.

10. The Splatoon 2

The Splatoon 2 is also one of the games that have won the hearts of gamer lovers through its unique gameplayGameplay combined with music enhances the atmosphere of the game to be exciting.

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This game developed by Nintendo is an action game without violence in it. However, this game is not immediately ignored by gamers. Because this game is played by about 5 million players around the world.

Online games in addition to being a medium of entertainment, are also the right place to increase creativity through our imagination. Playing games also trains you in making decisions, by thinking logically and forming structured thinking patterns.


So, are you interested in playing the number 1 game in the world? Or, you think that playing games is just a waste of time, maybe this article is suitable for those of you who want to make money from games. You can also learn finance from games, you know. Try these five games!

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