How To Root Andromax C With Framaroot (100% Easy!) 2023


How To Root Andromax C With Framaroot (100% Easy!) – One of the Android smartphones that are arguably the cheapest cellphone you can buy, Andromax C is a dream for Android enthusiasts at a low price. With a price of just under one million, Andromax C competes with local Android phones such as Advan and Ever cross.

How To Root Andromax C With Framaroot
How To Root Andromax C With Framaroot

How To Root Andromax C With Framaroot (100% Easy!) 2023

With a price below one million, this Android phone is indeed very cheap. Even though it’s cheap, the Andromax C specifications don’t really disappoint its users.

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The 4-inch screen and carrying OS 4.1 Jelly Bean is more than enough for Android phones under a million. Right? Not to mention the Dual Core ARMv7 processor technology with a clock speed of up to 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8625 chipset. Really oh my!

If you are an Andromax C user and are looking for how to root Andromax C, this article is a powerful guide for you. Don’t blink reading this tutorial, OK! Come see below.

Preparation Tool For Tutorial How To Root Andromax C

  1. Framaroot version 1.9.3 and above
  2. Terminal Emulator
  3. CWM Recovery

How To Root Andromax C Via Direct Cellphone!How To Root Andromax C With Framaroot

  1. Download Framaroot as listed above, install it on your Andromax C phone
  2. Select Superuser / SuperSU (choose one)
  3. Click the exploit button “Gandalf”
  4. If there are no steps wrong, a message “success!”
  5. Reboot your phone
  6. After the phone has restarted completely, go to the main screen and look for the Superuser app
  7. If there is a Superuser application on the main screen, I congratulate you!
  8. Andromax C you are already in root status!

The method above is the easiest and simplest way you can do it. By rooting Andromax C above, you can simply root Android without problems and use other tools such as USB and PC root applications.

If you can do the simple Andromax C root method, why do you have to use the complicated method? Agree!?


After successful rooting, feel free to experiment with your Andromax C, yes!

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