How to Remote Android from PC Laptop 2023


How to Remote Android from PC Laptop – Do you know of an app called TeamViewer? This application is quite popular both among smartphone and PC users.

How to Remote Android from PC Laptop
How to Remote Android from PC Laptop

How to Remote Android from PC Laptop 2023

For those of you who hear the name TeamViewer for the first time, let’s get to know it first.

We will discuss what Teamviewer is, its functions, benefits, advantages, disadvantages, and of course how to use TeamViewer to remotely / control android from a computer.

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We’ll start by discussing what the Teamviewer app actually is. This is a free application that can be used to control or remotely a device from another device.

In this case, it can be from PC to another PC, PC to smartphone, smartphone to PC, and smartphone to another smartphone.

This Teamviewer application utilizes an internet connection to connect one device to another.

Once a device is connected to other devices via Teamviewer, many things can be done.

The main function of Teamviewer is to control or control a device from a distance.

But besides that, there are still many other benefits that we can get by using the TeamViewer application.

For example, we can transfer files quickly wirelessly, send messages/chat, and even make video calls.

Before we enter the main discussion about how to remotely/control a smartphone from a laptop using TeamViewer, let’s first look at the benefits and functions that we can get from TeamViewer.

1. Remote Control

As we discussed earlier that the main function of the Teamviewer application is to remotely a device from another device wirelessly using the internet network.

To be able to control other devices all we need to do is get the ID of the device we want to control.

2. Perform File Transfer

In addition to the function to control other devices, Teamviewer can also be used to move or copy files.

This file transfer activity can be done either from server to client or from client to server.

The method is very easy, after connecting via Teamviewer we only need to drag and drop the files we want to transfer.

3. Chat and Video Call

By using TeamViewer we can do chat activities the same as in various chat applications in general.

In addition, the latest version of TeamViewer allows users to make video calls to each other like Skype.

4. Meetings Online

For office workers, this feature will be very helpful and save time.

The reason is by using TeamViewer we can hold meetings or meetings without having to meet face to face.

This will certainly save more time than having to meet each other just for a meeting.

How to Remote Android Phone from PC Laptop

Above we already know what Teamviewer is and the functions and benefits it brings.

After knowing it, maybe you can’t wait to try to remotely the smartphone from the laptop with Teamviewer.

Without further ado, please follow the tutorial on controlling android from a PC/computer using the following Teamviewer.

1. Download and Install TeamViewer

The first is the Teamviewer application for PC and the second is Teamviewer quick support for android smartphones.

After successfully downloading, please immediately carry out the installation process as usual both on the laptop and smartphone.

2. Record ID

Once installed, you open the QuickSupport application on your Android, and make sure the internet connection is on.

After you open it, an ID will appear in the form of a 9-digit number, you record and remember the ID.

How to Remote Android Phone from PC Laptop

3. Enter ID to PC

The next step is to open the Teamviewer application on your PC / laptop.

Don’t forget to also connect the computer to the internet network so that how to control the smartphone from this PC can be successful.

Enter the 9-digit ID number that you noted earlier then click Connect to Partner.

How to Remote Android Phone from PC Laptop

4. New Display Appears on HP

Wait a moment, then on your android smartphone a notification will appear, please select Allow to connect the smartphone to the computer.

After that, a new screen will appear on the smartphone indicating that the two devices are connected.

How to Remote Android Phone from PC Laptop

5. TeamViewer View from Windows View

Teamviewer on PC will also display a new window indicating the smartphone is ready to be controlled from a laptop/computer.How to Remote Android Phone from PC Laptop

6. Can Do Chat

After that, you can remotely control your android smartphone from your PC/laptop.

Please try it yourself, in my example sending a chat between the 2 devices.

How to Remote Android Phone from PC Laptop

7. Can Transfer Files

You can also transfer files between PC and Android by selecting the file transfer option in the upper left corner.

After you select it, a new window will appear and you can copy or move files quickly and practically.How to Remote Android Phone from PC Laptop

8. On the contrary

If you want to control laptop and computer devices from an Android phone, you can use the following steps, the method is quite easy and uses the same application as well.


With the tutorial above you can remote control Android easily. Please friends, just put it into practice.

That’s how to remotely/control Android from a PC/laptop using TeamViewer without root.

Please stop by in the comments if you have any questions regarding the guide to controlling a smartphone from the computer above.

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