How to Flash Realme C1 [2023]


How to Flash Realme C1 – The realme C1 smartphone is having problems?.
As we already know, there are two possibilities for damage to the Smartphone, namely damage to hardware or software.

How to Flash Realme C1
How to Flash Realme C1

How to Flash Realme C1 [2023]

The Realme C1 smartphone was officially released in 2019, the price of the Realme C1 is also very affordable. Because the price is very affordable, this Smartphone is much in the interest of Android Smartphone users.

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If you have experienced the name forgot pattern/password, boot loop, hangs, totally dead (hard brick), on the Realme C1 Smartphone this is not a very big problem. But a normal problem that also often occurs in other Smartphones.

In addition to resetting to factory settings, the way to restore the performance of the Realme C1 Smartphone as before is by flashing. Flashing is a process that will erase all data on your Smartphone. If the Smartphone can still turn on, you should do a data backup first before flashing.

How to Flash Realme C1 using QFil Tool

QFIL Tool stands for Qualcomm Flash Image Loader, is a small application that can assist in Flashing Stock ROM Firmware on Qualcomm Chipset Smartphones and Tablets.

How to Flash Realme C1 requires the help of a PC / Laptop to be able to run it, because here we will use the QFil Tool Software.

Before you do Flashing, you first need to prepare materials for Flash first as follows:

Materials for Flash Realme C1

  1. Download the latest version of the Realme C1 Firmware
  2. Download Application 7-zip.exe Aplikasi
  3. Download USB Drivers Qualcomm Realme C1
  4. Download Software QPST/QFIL Tool
  5. Setting up the USB cable
  6. Setting up a PC/Laptop with Windows operating system
  7. We recommend that the phone battery is at least 60%, aiming to avoid flashing failure due to running out of power

Make sure the ROM or Firmware used is in accordance with the type and type of your Smartphone.

If you have downloaded all of the above ingredients in their entirety, then you can follow the steps to Flash the Realme C1 using the following QFil Tool:

  • Deactivate your Realme C1 Smartphone.
  • Next, extract all the files (QPST/QFIL, 7-zip.exe, and Qualcomm USB Drivers) that you downloaded earlier.
  • Then Install USB Drivers Qualcomm Realme C1 on your PC/Laptop.
  • Then run QPST QFil.exe by right-clicking and selecting Run as administrator.
How to Flash Realme C1 using QFil Tool
  • Then enter Recovery Mode, by pressing power + How to Flash Realme C1 using QFil Tooldown simultaneously.
  • When you enter Recovery Mode, release all the buttons.
  • Then Connect the Realme C1 Smartphone with your PC/Laptop using a USB cable.
  • Then click Browse and navigate to the file prog_emmc_firehose_89XX.mbn in the Firmware Folder, then click open.
How to Flash Realme C1 using QFil Tool
  • Next, click the Load XML menu, select rawprogram_unsparse.xml and navigate to the patch0.xml file and click Open.
How to Flash Realme C1 using QFil Tool
  • then click the Download button to start the Flashing Realme C1 process.
How to Flash Realme C1 using QFil Tool
  • Wait until the Realme C1 Flashing process is complete.
  • After the Flashing Process has been completed, please unplug the USB cable then turn on your Realme C1 Smartphone.
  • During the reboot process, it will take between 5-10 minutes. So, please just wait.


Above is an article that discusses how to Flash Realme C1 about boot loop, hangs, totally dead (hard brick), and slow using the QFil Tool, hopefully, this article can help you.

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