How To Flash Advan E1C 3G [2023]


How to Flash Advan E1C 3G – Software damage that befell the Advan E1C 3G can certainly be overcome by flash.

How To Flash Advan E1C 3G
How To Flash Advan E1C 3G

Best Way to Flash Advan E1C 3G [2023]

The several types of damage include boot loop, continuous restart, and hangs, until completely dead.

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Well, with the flashing method, you can restore the performance of the phone as it was when you first bought it.

Before starting the flashing process, of course, you need some supporting materials.

  • Download Stock ROM Advan E1C 3G
  • Download SP Flash Tool
  • Download MTK USB Driver Vcom
  • PC or laptop with Windows operating system
  • Original USB cable or Advan E1C 3G default (attempted)
  • The tablet battery is at least 70%, aiming to avoid flashing failure due to running out of power

If possible, do a backup before flashing.

Because as explained above, flashing can erase and make the phone look like the first time you bought it.

How to Flash Advan E1C 3G S9719E via SP Flashtool

When all the materials are ready, proceed to how to flash the Advan E1C 3G via SP Flashtool.

However, if you have never flashed before, it is recommended to be accompanied by an expert.

In this way, the flash process can run as desired.

Here are the detailed steps:

  1. First, extract all the materials that you have downloaded earlier.
  2. Next, install the MTK USB Driver on the PC or laptop you are using.
  3. Then, open the flash_tool.exe file located in the SP Flashtool folder by right-clicking > Run as administrator.
  4. When it opens, please click the Choose menu button and locate the file MT6580_Android_Scatter.txt. If so, click Open.How to Flash Advan E1C 3G S9719E via SP Flashtool
  5. After successfully loading the scatter file, a sub-file will appear in the column.
  6. The point is, if the tablet is still on, uncheck the preloader. However, if the tab is dead or in severe condition, please tick preloader.
  7. Next, select Download Only in the drop-down menu. Then, click Download to start the flashing process as shown to flash advan e1c 3g totally dead
  8. Switching to a tablet, please turn off the tablet and make sure it is in the off condition.
  9. Then, connect the tablet to your PC or laptop via a USB cable while pressing the Volume UP button.
  10. Let the PC install the drivers on the tablet. For more details, you can see Device Manager on PC.
  11. If the driver is not installed automatically, you can update the driver manually and navigate to the driver folder.
  12. If it is correct, please wait until the process is complete which is marked by the bar reaching 100% and the Download OK window appears.How to Flash Advan E1C 3G S9719E via SP Flashtool
  13. Finally, unplug the USB cable, and please turn on the Advan E1C 3G tablet.

On reboot, the process can take between 5-10 minutes. Please wait until the tablet successfully goes to the home screen.


Well, by following the way to flash Advan E1C 3G via SP Flashtool as above, the tablet will return to normal as before.

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