How to Create Dofollow Backlinks Web 2.0 (High PR) 2023


How to Create Dofollow Backlinks Web 2.0 (High PR) – In many writings, I often mention that; quality backlinks for SEO, it’s not a matter of where the source comes from,  ” but how the link building pattern is made natural and has relevance “ for people’s interest in the content where the link is made.

How to Create Dofollow Backlinks Web 2.0 (High PR)
How to Create Dofollow Backlinks Web 2.0 (High PR)

How to Create Dofollow Backlinks Web 2.0 (High PR) 2023

Through this article, I will show you how to create web 2.0 backlinks for free. But it can have an impact on your site’s ranking.

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Let’s get straight to it.

What is “Web 2.0”?

Web 2.0 is a free blogging platform. Most properties allow you to publish content, change URLs, images and videos, contact forms, and many other things.

And of course, you can create links that can go anywhere, including your site. The important point, here, being. 

Why is Web 2.0 an Important Backlink Source? 

Web 2.0 is effective because, most of these platforms, already have authority and good PageRank. Some, allow you to get your own page in the form of a sub-domain or sub-folder.

Apart from an authority, you also get super relevant links. Because you can design and create content according to the topic of the page you want to stream link juice to.

Relevance is king when it comes to link building. Don’t forget that.

You can follow the link in the first paragraph, because some people misunderstand what is meant by relevance and natural, according to Google. Make sure you, really understand.

You’re the slightest bit wrong, backlinks that are expected to be a source of nutrition can turn into poison for your site.

So, the question is: how to Create those quality Web 2.0 Dofollow Backlinks?

How to Create Web 2.0 DoFollow Backlinks (In 9 Easy Steps)

It is not difficult to build links from Web 2.0. 

Step 1: Prepare mentally

This is important and the main thing. Because any strategy in SEO, is not an overnight job, you can’t do magic here.

Most of the automatic backlink applications cannot post articles on the best web 2.0, you have to create them manually.

You need to remember that, your first-level backlinks, a MUST! Have value and high quality. No link juice from low-quality content.

The days of spamming thousands of links to sites for SEO are long gone.

Google only counts authoritative, relevant, and trusted links. Prioritize quality, not quantity.

If you meet these important factors, then you will see the rankings come true.

Sounds very simple, doesn’t it?

Step 2: Create an Email Address

To create an account on web 2.0, you need an email. It doesn’t matter if you use the same email account to create multiple properties. Most importantly, your content is good.

Google only focuses on quality to provide a valuable experience for its users.

Step 3: Sign up for 10 (or a thousand) Web 2.0

There is no particular reason why it should be “10”, but this number is logical for you beginners. Who may not have the resources to reach the entire list of Web 2.0 in this world.

Also, it depends on how competitive the keywords you are targeting are. If it’s hard, you may need more.

If you are super paranoid, use a proxy when you create backlinks from Web 2.0. Use the Hide My Ass function. However, this is not an important point. Because the most important thing is the quality of the content, relevance, and naturalness of the link. Learn properly about this. 

In the end, I will include hundreds of free backlink sources from Web 2.0. Complete, right?

Step 4: URL creation

Now that you have created an account, you will be asked to create a URL like this:

If your business site is all about “SEO services” (sorry I’m an SEO service provider, so an example is about that), then your URL should include the specific keyword you’re trying to rank for or related LSI words. Here’s what your web 2.0 URL might look like:


A slight variation on the URL makes it look natural. If it’s all the same, it’s weird. Google can be suspicious…

Every account is created, verify and complete all the necessary things. Be a natural blog, as a real blog.

Be RANDOM when you create this property.

Step 5: Producing Content

Content for the placement of backlinks is a key factor. And this is more important than anything.

There are many ways to fulfill this need.

Choose the most feasible to do.

1. Write it yourself (THIS IS AWESOME)

Whenever possible, writing unique articles for all web 2.0 is the best thing to do. If you can afford it, you might consider outsourcing. If your budget is tight, then just write it yourself or consider the following options.

2. Premium Spinners

If you’re on a tight budget and you need a lot of content, a spinner might work.

To be honest, I don’t like this option. Please you see, this article, I made myself. I arrange it in such a way very well. Benefit you as a user. And this is part of the link-building strategy itself.

Do you see any signs that this article is a spinner or made up?

3. Scraping Content (Bad Option)

It doesn’t matter if you’re copying content for levels two or three, but it’s a really bad idea if you’re focused on quality.

I’m not saying this method won’t work. But risky for the long term. Don’t you, you don’t want to do cardio when Google updates its algorithm.

Seriously, it’s very risky if you’re trying to build an authoritative website for the long term.

Step 6: Content Specification

No matter what type of content you create, make sure it’s great. If in the form of articles, at least it consists of 400 words or more.

Try to include some of your main keywords naturally throughout the article. Remember yes, natural.

1-3? is a natural keyword density ratio. Spread evenly over the content. Not just in one paragraph.

Step 7: Setting Up Posts and Links

I am used to writing content on any property dashboard. And even this article, I wrote directly through the dashboard.

If you are used to writing off-site. That’s not a problem either. Just copy and paste into whatever web 2.0 editor of your choice.

At this stage, you may need to prepare images and videos if possible.

The amount is up to you. And keep it random!

You can create a single link that points to your business site. And others, to relevant and high-authority sites. Do random placement of links and use different types of outgoing links, as support.

If you have multiple posts in one web 2.0, you can also build internal links. It will also drain some good link juice. Origin, it is relevant and natural.

This, too, gives 2.0 more credibility. Again, whatever you do you have to focus on quality and relevance. Seriously, this will pay off in the future.

At this point, posts with do-follow links from web 2.0 are really ready to go on air. But, STOP there!

You have to think about the future. Web 2.0 pages without adequate content, are very risky to be removed.

Step 8: Treatment

If you want a permanent link. So take care, your Web 2.0.

Please note, this web 2.0 platform provider, its purpose is not to provide a place for your link-building strategy.

Web 2.0, which consists of only one page, is likely to be removed by the admin.

Not only that:

Google will give more weight to links that come from sites that contain useful and quality content. That is, sites that have a lot of content will get more points than sites that have one content.

Care with the routine content publication, bring your web 2.0 to life. Being useful to users, pleasing platform providers which then automatically increases Google’s trust.

5-10 posts per web 2.0 is perfect enough.


As I promised, in this closing section, you will get a free backlink source in the form of a list of the best. And I usually use it to optimize the site. Including my own site competing on page 1 of Google for the most competitive keyword “SEO SERVICES”

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