How many types of computers? 2023


How many types of computers? – Friends, do you know anything about the type of computer? All of you must have used a computer at some point or the other because nowadays a computer is available in all places, whether it is office or school. If you have used the computer carefully, then you must have noticed one thing that all computers and their ability to work are not the same.How many types of computers

How many types of computers 2023

Some computers are very small and some are very large in size. Many computers work very fast and some computers work very slowly. That is why perhaps there will be a question in your mind whether the computer is of the same type or is it different from each other. That is, How many types of computers are there? What is the type of end computer?

To answer this question, today in this article you have provided detailed information about the type of computer. In this article, today we will learn about all types of computer topics as well as get information about how its working system is divided according to size and purpose.

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In today’s modern era, the computer is a very big and important thing. Now the work of hours is done in minutes through computer or mobile. That is, in a way, the computer has changed the whole world.

what is Computer?

The computer is such a machine in which some programming has been done so that it can do many of our tasks. It takes our commands according to the input, processes it, and finally provides us according to our result output.

Also, it has some very important characteristics. which help us a lot like,

1. It responds to a specific set of instructions that too in a well-defined manner.

2. The computer executes the Recorded List of Instructions which is called Program.

3. It is able to store and retrieve device data very easily.

Along with this, the computer is capable of performing many Complex and Repetitive Procedures Quickly, Precisely, & Reliably.

If we talk about Modern computers then they are electronic & digital. The actual machinery in it is called hardware. The same instruction and data is called software. All General Purpose Computers have some hardware components mentioned below which are included. Let us know which are the hardware components that are included in all computers. And Computer How many types of computers?

Types of Computer Characteristics

Types of Computer Characteristics

Central Processing Unit (CPU): The CPU is the heart of the computer. It is a component that actually executes the instructions which are organized.

Memory (Fast, Expensive, Short-term Memory): This memory enables the computer to store many things, even if only Temporarily. Such as Data, Programs, Intermediate Files, and many more files.

Input Device: An input device is used to input data and instructions into a computer device. Keyboard and Mouse are the main ones in this.

Output Device: Output Device is used to show the final results to the user such as Display Screen, Printer.

Mass Storage Device (Slower, Cheaper, Long-term Memory): Mass Storage Device is used in computers to retain large amounts of data and programs in between any task. Hard Disk and Tape Drives are the main in Mass Storage devices.

Types of Computers:

All of you people will probably have a great desire to know about How many types of computers?. By the way, there are many types of computers, but they have been divided into different categories to understand them easily. So that it will be easy for anyone to understand them, let us know that Computer How many types of computers? And in which different categories they are divided.

How many types of computers are there?

Mainly computers are divided into three different types.

1. Types of Computers Based on Mechanism

2. Types of Computers (Based on Purpose)

3. Types of Computers (Based on Size & Shape)

Based on the methodology of Computer

Computers are classified into three parts on the basis of their functioning. Analog, Digital & Hybrid about which we are going to know in detail.

1. Hybrid Computers

A hybrid computer is actually a combination of digital and analog computers. In this, the best features of both types of computers are combined among themselves. As the speed of analog computers and memory and accuracy of digital computers are combined together.

This Hybrid Computer is used in all those specialized applications where it is necessary to process both types of data. Computers help the user a lot in processing Continuous & Discrete data.

For example, a petrol pump has a processor to convert the price value and quantity into fuel flow measurement.

In the same hospital too, an analog device is used to measure the patient’s blood pressure and temperature in the ICU. Which is then displayed in the form of Digit. For your information, let me also tell you that hybrid computers are also used in scientific calculators.

It is a computer that is capable of understanding binary as well as analog signals. Its speed is neither more than an analog computer nor less than a digital computer.

2. Analog Computers

Talking about the type of computer, Analog Computer comes in the first place. Analog Computers are called those computers that use Analog signals to display information. Along with this, analog computers are also used to process analog data.

These Analog Data are of Continuous Nature, they are not Discrete or Separate. It includes a lot of amounts such as Temperature, Pressure, Weight, Volume, Depth, etc. The information which is in continuous form is displayed in it. An Analog computer is used to measure Continuous Physical Quantity like Current Flow, Temperature Rate, Blood Pressure.

It measures Continuous Change in Physical Quantity. For example, a Speedometer is used to measure the speed of the car, and a Thermometer is used to measure the change of temperature. And there the weighing machine is used to measure the weight.

Analog computers are ideal in situations where data is directly accepted from the Measuring Instrument. There is no need for any kind of conversion, as there is no need to convert from number to aquot, where these computers are used.

The analog computer was first developed and this computer was considered as the basis for the development of digital computers. It is expected that you must be understanding How many types of computers? on a work basis, now you know what are the applications of analog computers.

What are the applications of analog computers?

Most of this computer is used in some specialized engineering and scientific engineering. It is used for Calculation and Analog Quantity Measurement.

Analog computers are also used in petrol pumps. Such as in an oil refinery where both flow and temperature measurements are important.

Analog computer is also used for paper making. Along with this, it is also mostly used in chemical industries.

Analog computers do not require any kind of storage capability. Because we compare both Quantity and Measure in a single operation.

Output Forms of this computer are always in Reading Form. For example, the speedometer is displayed in the form of Digit or in the form of Graph.

3. Digital Computers

Its name suggests that the computer working with Digit i.e. representing Numericals, Letters or any other special symbol is called Digital Computer.

Digital computers operate on the basis of inputs which are On-Off Type and their output is in the form of On-Off signal. Normally On is represented by 1 and at the same time Off is represented by Zero. That is why here we can say that on the basis of presence or absence of Electric Signal i.e. process Digital Signal Information on Binary 1 or 0.

Digital computers are also used to process numeric as well as non-numeric data. It can also operate many Arithmetic Operations such as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and can also operate Logical Operations as well.

Most of the computers that are available in today’s time are digital computers. Common examples of digital computers are Account Machines and Calculators. If we talk about the result, then digital computers provide very accurate results as compared to analog computers. But we also have to remember that analog computers are much faster than digital computers.

An Analog computer does not have memory, whereas a digital computer is with memory because it has to store information. Digital computers do accounts and analog computers are used for measuring. These computers display information on the basis of the text, graphics, and pictures.

Did we learn here that how many computers are there i.e. on the basis of the working system, What is the type of Computer Let us try to know what is the type of computer on the basis of it?

Computer on the basis of purpose

Based on the purpose, the computer is divided into General Purpose and Special Purpose.

1. General-Purpose Computer

In today’s era of this technology, which is being used the most, they are called General Purpose Computer. Many Processing Jobs’ Variety is the Built Shredding to do.

You can complete many of your work only by using General Purpose Computer and some different software. In which General Purpose Computer is used to do many such tasks for Content Writing, Editing, Manipulating Facts in Database, Manufacturing, Scientific Calculation, or to handle Security System of an organization.

General Purpose Computer can do many variety of operations because it has the ability to easily store and execute different programs that too in its internal storage. That is why in today’s time this computer is being used the most.

2. Special Purpose Computer

We come to know from the name itself that a Special Purpose Computer is designed to complete a specific type of task and most of the time use them to solve a particular problem. That’s why they are also called Dedicated Computers.

These computers are made to do a single task again and again. This computer is mostly used in Video Games, Traffic Light Control, Navigation systems, and Tracking systems, especially in Robot Helicopters.

In this special purpose computer, you will get to see many of the same features which are also present in a general-purpose computer. But in Special Purpose Computer, Special Function is given more attention. Such a computer is also built to control many instructions so that maximum efficiency can be made. It is also capable of doing very effective operations.

This computer is made to do one task but many functions are made to do this work correctly. It must also be noted that there is Versatility which equals not its largest Drawback. This means that it cannot be used for any other operation.

On the basis of size Computer Type?

On the basis of size Computer Type

Based on the size of the computer, it is talked about in many different categories, which we are going to know below.

1. Great computer

Supercomputers are Multi-User, Multi-Processor, and Large Computer. Whose Efficiency and Storage Capacity is also very high. These computers have the ability to solve very difficult and complex problems that too within a very short time. The RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) is a used processor.

Supercomputers are the fastest and most valuable computers. They are used to solve Complex Science and Engineering Problems. Parallel processing is also used in supercomputers so that its processing is maximum. Which multiple CPUs can be used at the same time.

A Typical Super Computer does 10 Individual Computers in a single second. PARAM series supercomputer was developed in India in C-DAC (Center for Development of Advanced Computer). Mr. Saymour Cray developed the world’s first supercomputer in 1976, which was named Cray-1.

What are the applications of Super Computer?

  • These computers are used to forecast the weather and global climates.
  • They are used in Military Research and Defense systems.
  • They are also used in doing Protein Folding Analysis.
  • Supercomputers are used to study Digital Film Rendering, Infrastructure.
  • Super Computer is also used in Auto Mobile, Aircraft, and Spacecraft Designing.
  • They are used in Plasma Nuclear Research and in Sesmography, Plasma.

I hope you understand that what is Computer, How many types of computers are? and what is a Computer How many types of computers? the basis of size? Let us get to know more about the types of computers.

2. Mini Computer

Minicomputers are bigger and more powerful than microcomputers. At the same time, it is less powerful and smaller than the mainframe computer. It is also a multi-user computer that supports many people to work together.

They are much more valuable than microcomputers. We can use them in universities, big business organizations. This computer is capable of processing complex data easily.

Together it is used in Scientific Research, Engineering Analysis, Industrial Monitoring, and Control systems. PDP-11. and VAX is examples of minicomputers.

3. Mainframe Computer

Mainframe computers look like very big buildings. It is very much like a supercomputer. The main difference between these two is that the supercomputer uses all its raw power, that too just to do some tasks. At the same time, Mainframe Computer is used to do many tasks simultaneously.

This kind of large organization, the mainframe computer for Nature Bulk Data Processing such as Sensor Industry and COnsumer Statistics I made Employ. Mainframe computers being Powerful Multiuser Computers, they are also used for Large Business Organization, Examination Department and Examination.

It can process all the requests very easily. It is used to process the data processing of the CPU. Mainframe computer can be used by more than one user at a time because it works on the basis of Time-Sharing Mode. And its word length ranges from 48 Bit to 64 Bit.

IBM made the first mainframe computer in 1964. Main Frame Computer was first developed in Computer of Type on the basis of size. Next, we are going to get more information about How many types of computers? based on the size.

Mainframe Computer Applications:

  • To do Industrial Design
  • Traffic Control System
  • in Bank, Marketing
  • To do Government and Civilization as well as Credit Card Processing
  • Mainframe computers are used to do business data processing and also in large organizations.

4. Micro Computer

The microcomputer is also called a personal computer because it is a computer that is designed to do the work of a user. Micro Computer Term is related to Micro Processor which is used to work with a personal computer. For example, it is used to process data and also to process instruction code.

This is a very common type of computer. This is the best type for a user to work in Computer. Desktop computers are not made to be mobile, they can be taken from one place to another but very few and all the power supply can be taken there only.

This is a fixed computer. The first personal computer Apple-1 was made in 1976. Which was designed by Apple company. The computers we are all using right now are mostly microcomputers. They are called PC or Personal Computer because they are used for a single user.

It is used for many such tasks in Graphics, 3D Graphics, Video Games, Multi Media, Higher Level Languages.

It is very popular among students and professionals due to its size, low price, & low maintenance cost and it is also very easy to operate. Due to this, it has become very popular on the internet in a very short time and it is also available for all income groups.

5. Laptop Computer & Palmtop Computer

Hopefully, Computer How many types of computers?? In that, you must have known about Laptop and Palmtop Computer. Many people have this wrong family that Laptop is Ideal Computer Replacement for Desktop Computer but it is not like that at all.

Desktop computers are used to perform Major Processing Functions. The same laptop computer is also used in less complex work. Laptop computers are very small, portable, and low power consuming. This computer is equipped with your model facility which is in PC.

These computers are fully operated from the battery. Storage Capacity is less than that of a personal computer. As the craze of computers increased among the people, due to which the scientists had to search for a new computer so that the needs of the people could be easily met. That’s why Palmtop Computer was developed.

With the help of this, it can also be used in remote areas where no electricity facility is available. It is mostly used by Higher Authority, Social Workers, Researchers who work in the regular area. To use it, you do not need a desktop table. For laptops, you need work ie palm for Palmtop towards Lap.

Last words for computer

I hope that you must have liked my article  It is always our endeavor that we provide complete information about any topic to our readers. With this, you will not even have to search by going to another site and will also save your time.

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In the end, it is expected that you must have got detailed information about the types of computers.

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