Gaming Shortcut Mode on OPPO HP Makes You Auto Good 2023


Gaming Shortcut Mode on OPPO HP Makes You Auto Good – The latest OPPO cellphone is now equipped with features to support gamers. Like the Gaming Shortcut Mode feature that supports them in playing games optimally. What does it look like and what does it do for gamers? here is the explanation

Gaming Shortcut Mode on OPPO HP Makes You Auto Good
Gaming Shortcut Mode on OPPO HP Makes You Auto Good

Gaming Shortcut Mode on OPPO HP Makes You Auto Good 2023

When opening a game on a cellphone for the first time, gamers usually have to wait a long time before the game opens. They have to wait for the logo display, loading, and others which take quite a lot of time. But now with new features from OPPO, everything has been resolved.

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  • Thanks to the Gaming Shortcut Mode feature, it allows gamers to quickly access their favorite games. With this feature, it is possible for OPPO HP users who already use the ColorOS 11.1 interface to open their games 15 seconds faster than previous devices.
  • Gaming Shortcut Mode on OPPO HP Makes You Auto Good
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  • How Gaming Shortcut Mode Works
  • With the presence of Gaming Shortcut Mode, it is possible for HP to reduce game-opening time. The way it works is to save virtual memory for frequently played games. This keeps the game running in the background, even after exiting the app.
  • So when you re-enter the game that was run earlier, it will be presented with the last display of playing. With the Gaming Shortcut Mode feature, players don’t have to wait long to play their games. This feature can be accessed via Game Space or Game Assistant.Gaming Shortcut ModeHow Gaming Shortcut Mode Works
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  • As for other features in some games, you will be shown a floating bubble that informs the status while playing. For example, when you are playing Arena of Valor when the character is dead, you have to wait for the respawn process. The bubble that appears will show the Arena of Valor icon with the words Respawning complete with the remaining time the character will revive. Besides Arena of Valor, Game Call of Duty: Mobile is also one of the games that already supports this feature.
  • The Gamer mode feature can also block all distractions. So when you are playing the game, all activities will be hidden and will not interfere with the game.
  • “With these features, everything is to ensure an uninterrupted gaming experience,” said Aryo Meidianto A, PR Manager of OPPO India
  • In addition, HP OPPO using ColorOS 11.1 is also equipped with a Bullet screen message. This feature allows users to immediately receive important messages without closing the game screen or even affecting the game you are playing.
  • On this cellphone, there is also an adjustable gaming touch that is able to optimize game performance and response speed at every touch.
  • “Users can adjust touch level settings during real-time gaming sessions. This feature can also block accidental touches,” said Aryo
  • Gaming Shortcut Mode is available on some OPPO phones that use the ColorOS 11.1 Interface, such as Reno5 5G, Reno6, or the latest.
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