Easy Ways to Edit Images with Pixel Lab App 2023


Easy Ways to Edit Images with Pixel Lab App – The Pixel Lab application is an application for editing images to make them appear more visible, in other words, images that have been edited into 3-dimensional images. Although this application is for editing, there are several functions that will help you make image editing as desired.

Easy Ways to Edit Images with Pixel Lab App
Easy Ways to Edit Images with Pixel Lab App

How to Edit Images with Pixel Lab App 2023

In this application, there are several menus that can help you in editing photos and the advantages of the pixel lab application. You can make memes according to the edited images and words can be processed according to your skill in processing the words.

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And besides being able to edit, this application can share your edits to social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram easily. Of course, it can make the users of this application even easier because they don’t have to copy and paste back the images that have been made in the application.

How to make the images that you have edited can produce good quality in terms of appearance and uniqueness? There are several menu features that you need to know and learn so that there are no mistakes in choosing the appropriate effect to apply to the drawing that you have edited.

Editing images with the Pixel Lab application, you can learn some of the menu features that the author will explain below: Click here to install the pixel lab app.

Some Supporting Features of the Pixel Lab ApplicationEasy Ways to Edit Images with Pixel Lab App 2021

  1. Text is a menu that can add and customize as many text objects as users want.
  2. 3D text is a menu that creates 3D text and can be adjusted according to the user’s wishes.
  3. Text Effects is a menu that can make your images appear more embossed by having a choice of effects such as shadow, inner shadow, stroke, background, and other effects.
  4. Text Color is a menu to set the text to be more colorful with various color options that you can use as you wish.
  5. Text Font is a menu of customizable text font sizes from 100+ to 10 smallest.
  6. A sticker is a menu that displays several images that have been provided by the application and can be selected as an option to add images to make it more interesting.
  7. Import Image is a menu that takes an image from a private gallery and can be combined with the image that you want to edit.
  8. Drawing is a menu that allows you to use tools such as pens, change colors and make the small image size as large as you want.
  9. Change the Background menu that can change the background of the image that you will edit according to the desired color.
  10. Save As Project is a menu that allows after you finish drawing it can be saved as a project material which can later be useful for adding another image editing.
  11. Erase Background is a menu that is useful for removing the default background of the image and you can change the background with the color you want
  12. Perspective Image Edit is a menu that can add sticker logos to images that you have edited.
  13. Image Effects is a menu that makes images look more attractive or can be moved as desired.
  14. Export Your Images is the menu where you edit some images and save them. You can post to your own social media.
  15. Create is an image that has been edited as you wish and created a meme with the most interesting words possible using several functions. So that the end result is an interesting meme image.


Although the menu features that this Pixel Lab application has are quite a lot. But it’s quite commensurate with the results you will get after using image editing with this application.

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