Digital Marketing Strategies and Benefits to Promote Business 2023


Digital Marketing Strategies and Benefits to Promote Business – In this technological Period, it is easier for many business people to promote their business through the internet in various ways. The main purpose of the use of the internet today is to help in getting consumers at large. Digital marketing is a very appropriate strategy to help promotional activities.

Digital Marketing Strategies and Benefits to Promote Business
Digital Marketing Strategies and Benefits to Promote Business

Digital Marketing Strategies and Benefits to Promote Business 2023

In this technological period, it is easier for many business people to promote their business through the internet in various ways. The main purpose of the use of the internet today is to help in getting consumers at large. Digital marketing is a very appropriate strategy to help promotional activities.

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Understanding Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital media and digital-based technology to reach a wider target market. So, with the use of digital marketing, it is able to add a larger target consumer coverage than using conventional marketing methods.

So, digital marketing here is more directed to the process of combining market knowledge with existing technology. Next, we will get to know some types of digital marketing that are often used in 2020.

Types of digital marketing

Next, enter into a discussion about the types of digital marketing. There are at least 6 types that are divided according to the method and platform used.

1. Website

First, the website is one of the media that is currently quite popular as a place to introduce and promote the products or services of a brand. By using the website, it is very capable to reach the target user more broadly from all corners of the region.

Websites can also be used as a means of introducing a company profile. The advantage of creating your own website is the relatively low cost of handling without incurring costs and large product promotions.

2. Search engine marketing

The second type that is widely used today is search engine marketing. Where, it is further divided into two types, namely SEO and SEM. For SEO itself, it is included in digital marketing without spending large capital to help the website enter on the first page on the Google search engine.

Meanwhile, SEM stands for ( Search Engine Marketing ) where the purpose used is the same as SEO, but the costs are also quite large. Because SEM relies on advertising for every click a user makes to enter your website. 

3. Email marketing

The third type is email marketing, where you can promote various product-related content or information to be disseminated via email media. This strategy has proven to be quite effective in increasing the number of visitors to your website.

4. Social media marketing

A fourth type is a form of promotion through social networking sites. There are many platforms that provide features to promote your product. One example is Facebook ads, Twitter Ads, and Instagram Ads.

The advantage that can be obtained from using social media itself is that it does not require large handling costs, and can reach customers widely through the channels you create.

5. Online advertising

The fifth belongs to the paid form of digital marketing via the internet. You have to pay a little more, but you will get consumers and results faster than using an SEO strategy.

6. Video marketing

And lastly, you can also use media in the form of videos to display information about your product or service. This method has proven to be quite effective when many people spend time accessing the internet.

One of the channels to promote your product or service is through Youtube. Where you can upload various interesting video content related to your business products and business activities.

7 The right digital marketing strategy

After getting to know several types of digital marketing that are quite popular today, then enter the discussion about the right digital marketing strategy to help businesses in the modern digital period.

1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

You certainly often see several sites that enter on the first search page on Google. Well, usually to get a good page rank in search engines, one effective method is to do SEO optimization.

SEO is a form of appreciation for websites that enter on the first page in search engines. SEO itself is divided into two types, On-Page and Off-Page. On the page itself, it is more directed to the optimization process on the website page.

Meanwhile, Off-page is an optimization process carried out with the help of other websites to increase the credibility of your site. In the world of digital marketing itself, there are several jobs that are suitable for handling SEO, such as SEO Specialist, Content Writer, Copywriter, and many others.

2. Pay per click (PPC)

PPC is a way to drive visitor traffic to your website for a fee for every click. Examples of PPC that are often used are Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and other examples.

The way PPC works is that you have to pay first to get a slot or top position on a search engine and be charged a fee for each click. Make sure your company or business has sufficient capital to implement a marketing strategy with PPC.

3. Content marketing

The next digital marketing strategy is to promote products through writing or articles. You can write articles that can influence readers to use your product or service.

In using this content marketing, you must also apply some rules and correct writing rules and have implemented SEO friendly. A content writer or commonly called a Content Writer will make various writings in the form of blogs, articles, online brochures, e-books, and so on. 

4. Influencers

The next digital marketing strategy is an influencer or person who has a big influence in a community or a wider scope. In general, an influencer is able to influence and direct the actions of others to follow the advice given by the influencer.

By using an influencer, promoting a product is easy. So, many consumers believe in your product because of the great encouragement and influence of an influencer. Examples of influencers in today’s Period are celebgrams and celeb tweets that have an influence on social media.

5. Affiliate program

The affiliate program is a job to promote a product belonging to a company or agency, where when the product is successfully sold, the person promoting the product gets an additional commission that has been agreed upon by the company.

Learning digital marketing can be done by joining this affiliate program. You can work any time without the limitation of time and place. You can carry out promotional activities anywhere and can carry out the monitoring process more easily.

6. Google my business

Currently, there are many conveniences provided by technology. Regarding online marketing, you can learn digital marketing by creating an account on Google My Business.

The function of Google My Business is to provide complete information about the company name, working hours, office address, type of company, to the location of your office. So, customers can more easily find your location accurately which has been integrated with Google Maps.

7. Marketing automation

The last strategy you can do is to do marketing automation. Learning digital marketing can also be done by starting to develop workflows, such as scheduling content upload lists, managing content on social media, and others.

Automation can be done through email media, as well as various existing social media platforms. This automation technology is also a form of repetitive task.

Benefits of digital marketing

Here are some important points about the benefits of digital marketing to support the development of your business. 

1. Build personal and product branding

Without realizing it, in building a business, the trust factor from customers is needed. The more customers or consumers believe in your product, the more credibility of your business will also increase.

Building personal and product branding is indispensable in today’s digital marketing practices. Personal branding can be formed by forming a good and professional personal or behavior in the world of work.

Then, if product branding can be formed if the company’s brand or brand has good credibility, and gets recognition in the community. One of the right ways to improve these two things is to use digital marketing through various existing media.

2. Reach a wider target market

When every business is connected to the internet network, the business will automatically be connected to the relationships of internet users around the world. So, by implementing online marketing, it will really help businesses in promoting and introducing products and services effectively and efficiently.

3. Cheaper and more effective

The last benefit of digital marketing is that it does not require large resources or can be said to be minimal in terms of capital. Everyone can run a business by utilizing the internet without using a large fee.


However, you also need to apply some special methods so that your business strategy is right on target and in accordance with your target users. Do research on your business competitors, as well as competing products offered by competitors with your products. Thus, it can minimize or reduce the level of business or business failure.

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