9 Best USB Repair Software 2023


9 Best USB Repair Software – USB memory sticks are indispensable devices like a smartphone or the computer itself. In addition to allowing you to transport files, photos, images, videos, programs, and important information, they are also functional to install operating systems, carry our portable applications, and even make a complete backup of essential information. But this does not return them and they can get damaged, so you will need the best software to repair USB.

9 Best USB Repair Software
9 Best USB Repair Software

9 Best USB Repair Software 2023

There are multiple reasons why your USB stick may stop working. In fact, over time they tend to get damaged by wear and tear. And in most cases, we may not care much about the device, but the information that is inside it. So, in Gotechocean.com we want to show you which are the most functional applications to fix them. Next, our TOP 9 of the best USB repair software.

1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

On the web we find several options to recover a possibly damaged Pendrive, but few like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizar. This powerful program is capable of detecting the partitions or drives affected by viruses, incompatibility, or corruption to try to repair the defective details. It has managed to recover up to 80% of USB sticks. Although of course, if the device has damaged hardware, very little or nothing can be done with it.

On the other hand, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is compatible with most external drives, pen drives, and USB storage devices from big manufacturers like SanDisk, Toshiba, Sony, to mention a few, but the list is long and extensive. And if what concerns you are your files, photos, videos, or documents, the program can direct you to recover them and put them safely in a folder on your computer, all this before starting the repair.

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2. FonePaw Data Recovery

Very similar to EaseUS, since FonePaw has a fairly similar interface and an action system that will make you very familiar with the previous application. However, this one has a bit more compatibility and effectiveness, so if the previous one didn’t work for you, then you should give this one a try. The highlight of its features is that it is designed to recover files from memory corrupted for any reason. Don’t worry now!

All you will have to do is connect it to your computer and wait for the software to detect it with a scan. If it still works, you will see that the drive will appear within the disk list. So the only thing left is to select it, activate the file recovery mode, and then start choosing and saving them on your device. After that, you can try to repair it with the tools of your own computer. It is compatible with Windows 10 and macOS.

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3. Easy Disk Drive Repair

If what has been damaged is your external hard drive with a USB connection or that of your computer, then you should try Easy Disk Driver Repair. In the beginning, this program was created to be used by beginners, so you don’t need to be an expert or know anything about programming, since its interface offers you intuitive buttons to start quick analysis, detection, and solution of errors. You just have to click where they indicate you and that’s it.

However, Easy Disk Driver Repair is also compatible with pen drives, SDD cards, storage devices, and other USB memory devices, so you could try to repair them from there. The recovery tasks work in an automated way, as they detect those bad sectors or those with execution problems of any disk in order to format them and make them work as the first day, being a super essential USB repair software.

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4. Recuva

There are times when we do not care about our USB memory but the files that are contained within. The same is true for SD cards, so you should try Recuva. From experience, we can tell you that it is one of the best programs to recover files from a Pendrive because it has several detection methods. It is not installed on your computer because it is portable software, so you can run it anywhere without any inconvenience.

Meanwhile, Recuva will allow you to select the folder where you want to analyze or start the search, in case you need something much more specific. But anyway, you have the alternative of choosing an entire storage scan or just doing a deep scan for the best results. Depending on the file history, the search may take a while, but we recommend patience because its efficiency is 95% in most cases.

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5. USB Show

One of the most common problems with USB sticks is the famous shortcut virus. And, it is capable of hiding all our files from memory, making many think that it has deleted them, so they resort to formatting it. But it’s worth nothing! Because if you have already opened it on your computer, then it has been infected as well. With USB Show you will finally be able to attack the problem, at least undo its main attack and recover those important files.

The software does not have a menu or many options but works automatically when you run it. However, with USB Show you will not be able to delete and block it, but your task will be to make the hidden files appear so that you can copy them to a safe place and then run to format it. Do not forget to run your antivirus so that it removes it from the root. In addition, 8 out of 10 users recommend it for its effectiveness, in addition to how light it is for computers.

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6. ActiClean USB

But since we never offer you a half-solution, we want to introduce you to ActiClean USB. This application is capable of detecting suspicious files on your Pendrive, including hidden shortcuts to eliminate them quickly. The program is not heavy and it does not have so many options and buttons, but it is extremely effective when it comes to finding traces of malware that have remained on the device, even after a format.

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To make matters worse, ActiClean USB is a good USB repair software because you can use it in conjunction with USB Show and get the best results. The highlight is that if there are remains of inactive programs or hidden garbage on your USB, you will only have to click and then easily delete them. 7 out of 10 users recommend it for its effectiveness, in addition to how simple it is because you will not need complex installations, much less advanced steps. So give it a shot!

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7. USB Disk Security

It never hurts to provide a little protection to your computer, just like the one provided by USB Disk Security. With this program, you will be able to install an automatic protection system against malware and viruses that are installed in USB memory in multiple ways. When connected to your computer, it will perform an automatic analysis before allowing it to be recognized by the hardware, allowing it to detect if there are any malicious files or similar elements.

Similarly, USB Disk Security works to install a protection system to the Pendrive itself. Everything will be done quickly and safely, so you will not have to worry about analyzing them manually, but the scan will begin as soon as you connect it to the computer. It is compatible with various versions of Windows and does not consume many system resources. It is not an antivirus, so you will not have to worry about uninstalling the one you have previously installed.

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8. Windows Boot Genius

We thought it was worth offering you some extra tools to use your USB sticks. Windows Boot Genius is an incredible piece of software that is capable of creating bootable drives, whether on USB sticks or CDs. It will all be done with a few steps and without having to do so many strange settings or adjustments. This way it will try to detect the startup errors of any computer, and it will try to repair them … or tell you what is really wrong.

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9. USB Repair

Finally, it is good that you also try USB Repair. This powerful USB repair software is capable of detecting files that are corrupted or have been deleted by malware or virus problems. This will make it very easy to find a folder where all those that were hidden are located and you can easily recover them. However, it is not a free program, so you will have to purchase it before using it. Similarly, it is worth a try and seeing what it has to offer.

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With this USB Repair Software, you can fix pen drives, external hard drives, SD cards, and storage media that have been damaged. Some work as hidden file retrievers, either due to corruption or a virus. While others will be able to find them with deep scans and make them visible after a shortcut virus attack. But they are all highly functional, perfect for your needs.

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USB memories have become essential devices for our day today. They allow us to transport many important files anywhere, without having to send them over the internet for greater security. Whatever use you decide to give it, at Gotechocean.com we hope you have found the solution you were looking for so much. This was our TOP 9 of the best USB repair software.

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