7 List of Best Free Video Editing Apps 2023


7 List of Best Free Video Editing Apps – Video editing applications are now growing, not only for PCs but also for smartphones, both Android and iOS ( iPhone and iPad). Even the application can be downloaded for free alias free.

7 List of Best Free Video Editing Apps
7 List of Best Free Video Editing Apps

7 List of Best Free Video Editing Apps 2023

Although the video editing application is free, it has features that are not inferior to paid applications. Such as providing templates, and setting transitions to include background music.

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Here are seven of the best 2021 video editing apps that can be downloaded for free.

Desktops (Windows/ MacBook )

1. Wondershare Filmora9

Wondershare Filmora9 is a freeware that can be downloaded for free. This application has quite complete features and is suitable for beginners because in this application there is an Easy Mode option that makes editing tools simple.

2. iMovie

For MacBook users, you can use the video editing application that has been provided directly, namely iMovie. This is the same with Movie Maker on Windows.

iMovie has standard features to turn photos and video clips into professional movies. Use is also easy, because of the simple appearance.

3. HitFilm Express

The next software is HitFilm Express, although it is labeled free, this software is arguably one of the best. Because it offers a variety of features.
Starting from filters for audio and video, compositing tools, layers, masking, and support for 3D video.

Smartphones (Android and iOS)

4. KineMaster

This application is quite easy to use and has many features. KineMaster makes it easy for users to do video editing with features such as drag-n-drop.

This feature allows users to combine photos and videos in the duration of a video by simply placing the content in the desired video duration.

KineMaster also has features like video editing software on a PC. Users can also set when the desired effect or content template appears in the video at the desired time.

5. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is the mobile version of WondershareFilmora9, this application offers convenience for beginners.

Simply by entering video clips that have been recorded with an android smartphone, this application automatically performs video editing for you. In this application, you can choose filters and themes from the templates provided.

6. iMovie

In addition to the Macbook, iMovies is also available for iOS both iPhone and iPad. This iOS version of iMovie is quite capable of editing video on the iPhone.

With iMovie, you can import videos, and photos into projects, and edit them. In addition, it can also cut videos, and set the timeline. This application also provides a variety of transitions to choose from.

7. Magisto

For beginners, Magisto can be an option. With the Smart Video Editor feature, you simply select the style of the video, select the photos and videos to be edited, plus select the background music, the video will automatically be edited.

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