7 Easy and Safe Ways to Activate Windows 10 2023


7 Easy and Safe Ways to Activate Windows 10 – Microsoft has done a good job making Windows 10, the PC operating system that is now widely used by the public.

7 Easy and Safe Ways to Activate Windows 10
7 Easy and Safe Ways to Activate Windows 10

7 Easy and Safe Ways to Activate Windows 10 2023

Not only that, the company also makes policies that benefit users. Those of you who already have a Windows 7 and 8 license can upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

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It turns out that there are more advantages that they provide, namely by making a demo version of Windows 10 that can be used for free.

Of course, there are some features that you can’t use. But overall, the version can work well.

Here, IDN Times gives some tips on how to activate Windows 10 and the steps to install it, see below!

#1. To get the demo version, you can visit the Microsoft website

To get the demo version, you can visit the Microsoft websitemspoweruser.com

Everyone can download it via the  Windows 10 website. Just click the “Download tool now” button. After that, open the file and run the installation. You can use this method to install the demo version and the full version.

#2. For the demo version, you don’t need a product key

For the demo version, you don't need a product keyvox-cdn.com

You can still try Windows 10 without having to have a product key, which is the official license number you get when you buy it.

When the installation asks for it, just click “Skip for now”. Later when you have officially purchased Windows 10, you can fill it in to get the full version.

#3. Then what happens when the license is not activated?

Then what happens when the license is not activatedhowtogeek.com

There really isn’t much difference between the demo version and the full version. Reporting from Windows Central, there are only two limitations that you can’t do in the demo version.

They are the appearance of a watermark at the bottom right that says “Activate Windows”. Another limitation, you cannot use Personalization so that the wallpaper, accent color, lock screen, and theme cannot be changed.

#4. The demo version of Windows 10 can operate properly

Demo version of Windows 10 can operate properlytelegraph.co.uk

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In addition to the limitations above, you can still access Windows 10 properly. There is no lagging and the main functions still work smoothly.

It’s just that, every time, Windows will remind you to install the full version. So far, there have been no significant problems with just installing the demo version.

#5. There is a trick to changing your PC wallpaper, you know!

There is a trick to change your PC wallpaper, you know!kinstacdn.com

Just looking at the same wallpaper is boring, right? It turns out there is a trick to replace it, you know! Follow these steps:

  1. Open the folder containing the image you want to mount;
  2. Right-click;
  3. Click Set as background.

Congratulations, you have successfully changed your desktop wallpaper! So easy, right? This way, you won’t be bored anymore with the look of your PC.

#6. How to buy Windows 10 Home and Pro

How to buy Windows 10 Home and Prowindowscentral.com

If you already feel compatible with Windows 10, don’t delay buying the license officially. You will get more complete features, without watermarks, and can personalize. Here’s how to buy it:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Click Update & Security;
  3. Select the Activation option, then click Go to Store:
  4. You will be given two options, whether you want the Home or Pro version;
  5. Choose the one that suits your needs.

Both Home and Pro have the same price, which is US $ 199.99 (or around Rp. 2.8 million). For those of you who usually use a PC for school, college, and daily needs, just choose Home.

As for those of you who usually use it for work, Windows 10 Pro will be more suitable for you.

Actually, the main features of both are the same. It’s just that, in the Pro version, security and encryption are more awake. Because the files that you will store in it are owned by companies that are usually confidential.

#7. After purchasing, activate Windows 10 so that it is ready to use

After purchasing, activate Windows 10 so that it is ready to usewindows.net

You certainly can’t wait to use your official Windows 10, right? Follow these steps to activate it:

  1. Go to Settings > Update & Security;
  2. Then select the Activation tab, it will be seen that your operating system is not yet active;
  3. Then click the Change product key;
  4. Enter the license number that you got when you bought Windows 10;
  5. Click Next for activation;
  6. Make sure your PC is connected to the internet because the finalization process requires it;
  7. After that, the PC has been officially activated.


That’s how to activate Windows 10 and download and buy it to be applied to your PC. Now you can choose to use the demo version with all its limitations or the full version that is comfortable to use. Good luck!

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